[SHOW] katana -arena project show!

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hello all we all been played knife play ,knife -arena ,knifing mode all love to knife i was supposed to be same 

but i thinked why cant we make same for katana mode to?

so i made it and used my own ideas i used knife-arena warehouse , i used map - editor to make warehouse !

which blocks using of vehicle,weapon(except katana),respawn in warehouse when anyone die in arena  i know its very easy to make but i want to do so i did it !

hope you like it below is the video on how it looks,works

thank you do watch and hint me any thing to be added soon will be release in community !!

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the script literally exist on the community, editing the giveweapon, and spawn location doesn't make u the rightful owner tho.

but still good idea :-D

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Already existing wow were lol ? That is knife arena not a katana arena lol you think editing will fix hahha nvm 

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Try yourself be editing above resource you linked if worked tell me and I will report this thread to close and I'm dam sure it will not work becoz I had not used knife arena code ,and I used map editor to create 1 more warehouse for katana arena and knife arena warehouse is totally different you can check the video were I located the katana arena

And we can run both warehouse katana &knife arena at same time in a server

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