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MTA Memory Hungry ?

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So i have noticed this problem since i updated the server to MTA 1.5.5.

The ram memory usage keep increasing, i checked performance browser its saying im using about 40mb for clientside, and 80mb serverside, but when i check from the linux it says im using 98% of my memory.

My server has 16gb ram, i added cron for ram cache cleaning every 4 hours, but still same problem memory increasing and glued to MTA server (and cleaning the cache dont work on the taken ram).

From 16gb ram im currently using 15.74 for MTA, with just 30days of uptime.

After restarting the server im just ising about 80-100mb, and its start happening again.

If i don't restart server it will eventually crash for missing ram.

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There are servers on 1.5.5 with over 400 players on average that only collect just over 1GB in ram usage over several months. I have never heard of a server process using close to 16GB and still running, as you claim is the case. I don't think your problem relies on starting to use 1.5.5, it may be that something else on in your server environment has started interfering at that point though, as a result of the update. There must be something going on and it's a problem on your side. Are you running any custom modules?

Also show us screenshots of the tables in performancebrowser

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What's the current server process memory usage? Please show a printscreen of that.

Open each and every view in /ipb and make a screenshot compilation to upload, so we have everything possibly needed.

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