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Problem with the player


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On 14-3-2018 at 21:59, Karol998 said:

The player joining the server on active ban. The player is hacker or chiter idk. 

From this I assume you are the server owner and that player is supposed to be bannable by you. The reason I wonder is because that player's serial (and some IP's) are in your custom admin panel's resource, set to prevent you from banning them (and also preventing various other actions from being taken against them in other parts of the code).

The player's serial in your video, matches the serial in the code;


If that player is not a staff member on your server and it's not supposed to be there, then I advise you to be careful next time who you trust to edit your resource's code or add "fixes" or changes to it. Especially with something like admin panel this is very risky if you're not checking what is being changed.

I didn't really check all script files for illicit changes, also the image doesn't even show all such edits in that single file alone, there is more. For this reason, to get rid of it and all possible backdoors easily and reliably, I recommend you to update your admin panel to the latest from official resources: https://mirror.mtasa.com/mtasa/resources/mtasa-resources-latest.zip (your admin panel's base version is also outdated..)

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7 minutes ago, Karol998 said:

Delete script "runcode" or not?

Runcode isn't capable of making the edits to "admin" shown above, which have led to your problem.

You have trusted someone to edit it, or gave access/have bad security. The only way of solving this issue is doing as I said; locate and remove the illegitimate edits or update to the latest admin panel.

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