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[SHOW] New Character Customization and 3D GUI


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After I finished the first version of my character customization system i just realized its such a piece of crap, so i started writing a new version with a whole new concept. The first version worked with CJ skin and i just attached some custom head models to it.
Conversely the new version is running with shaders and the skin is a custom dff. Here is a video of the head customization. The clothing is in progress yet, it takes a lot of time because i have to make custom cloth models. Hope you like it.

Please don't ask for the source code, this script will never be released. Sorry.


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On 2018. 03. 12. at 20:00, CodyJ(L) said:

Need to extend the neck model a bit so that there are no seems, but other then that very nice. Cool to see someone actually doing this.

I don't know what is going on with the neck. I tried to fix it so many times, but i can't see that glitch in 3ds max. 

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