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Simple question

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Hello, so im here with a simple question.

So we have a function called 'executeBrowserJavascript', and i have a question with using this function.So, i have scripts[js] linked to a html file, which is loaded by a browser, the question is: Can i use the functions definited inside these  scripts?


--> A browser is created, and a local page is loaded in it, the index.html has the following content:
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <h1 id="playername">Your name</h1>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/script.js"></script>

and the script has the following function:

function setname(name){
    document.getElementById("playername").innerHTML = name; 

and i want to call this function from lua like this:

executeBrowserJavascript(browser, "setname('"..getPlayerName(localPlayer).."')"

 Is it possible?If not, is there any way to do such things?


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2 minutes ago, Jayceon said:

Yes, it's possible.

Yeah, a friend of mine already told me. Nice to meet ya' btw Jay.[Im hungarian, just to give you idea why i said this.]


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