SAEG:RPG Giveaway!

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SAEG giveaway has started . Join our discord( https://discord.gg/FjFDuVz)  know and invite other to claim your rewards! We are already 200 members!!

Giveaway Prizes
Saeg (1) Minecraft premium account . [150 members]
Saeg (2) 2 Minecraft premium accounts . [200 members]
Saeg (3) 2 premium Spotify accounts . [250 members]
Saeg (4) Steam account with |PayDay 2| . [300 members]
Saeg (5) 1 Counter strikes( not csgo) . [400 members]
Saeg (6) 1 steam better game . [500 members]
Saeg (7) 1 steam key . [580 members]
Saeg (8) 1 Minecraft premium acc. / 1 Spotify acc. / 1 steam game [650 members]
will be continued
NOTE : Inviting +15 members will increase your chance to win giveaways .
Giveaways manager : Donald @everyone 

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1 hour ago, Khadeer143 said:

Best way to get more members damnn

Yea and also a good way to get some easy rewards too ;)

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You don't need to invite 150,200.. etc members bud just invite as much as you can and be in the leader board (check leader board using !leaderboard ) you will only get rewards when we reach 150 , 200..etc members

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