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Security Guardian - Vulnerability Assessment Tool

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The fully automated vulnerability scanner

No credit cards are required to try this product.

Shipped with a 14-day trial, cancel at any moment and without fees!


Security Guardian is a cloud-based vulnerability assessment tool hosted in Switzerland. Unlike other vulnerability scanners on the market, Security Guardian does not require any installation to be used. All you have to do is enter your server's public IP address and wait until the scan is completed. A full list of vulnerabilities along with their severity score will then be returned to you with additional information needed to correct the issue. Get to know your server's vulnerabilities before hackers do!

Here's a brief video explaining how Security Guardian works:


Try our 14-day trial now at and never worry about getting hacked again!


Security Guardian's biggest vulnerability assessment was made the 9th September 2017 when it discovered a massive database leak on one of Switzerland's biggest hosting centers. This meant anyone could easily access thousands of databases and their critical data. Security Guardian's employees then proceeded to inform the hosting center about this problem and helped them fix it.


Thank you for your attention! :)



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Does it require to install an agent on the servers ? 

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On 3/7/2018 at 15:53, sokolov said:

Does it require to install an agent on the servers ? 

No, no installation required.

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