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On 26/2/2018 at 16:09, NeXuS™ said:

Try it on client-side.

setWeaponProperty on the client side only works with createWeapon this creates a floating weapon is not the same as the giveWeapon

You can help me adjust the createWeapon with the player so he can shoot and all that?

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12 hours ago, NeXuS™ said:

Do you want to change the ammo only?

You see you never used createWeapon.

createWeapon creates a floating weapon not for the player

What I want is for you to help me adjust the createWeapon to the player

The other property is easy, but first is to create the weapon and make it shoot

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  • Scripting Moderators

I asked you if you wanted to change the ammo only, as you can easily create a script for it, without using createWeapon. Using setWeaponAmmo, and a calculation would do it's job.

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