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[REL] New car reflection shader, close to ENB


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Download: https://community.mtasa.com/?p=resources&s=details&id=15260

The best vehicle reflection shader around, unique: takes no FPS toll.

It looks close to real ENB and it has rewritten effects which uses techniques to avoid performance toll like all circulating shaders suffer from; f.e, it creates reflection based purely on GTA default surface materials.

@Ren_712, the most recognized FX/shader developer around MTA, assisted with rewriting the effect not long ago, but has never released it. Until now, it was a resource private to me based on a custom order I gave to Ren_712. It took weeks of development to get it to it's current appearance and a few months to perfect it, as it's tricky to try recreate ENB with MTA FX and make the reflection appear more qualitative than existing ones, while also scrapping any performance toll.

I may be claiming it's ''the best'' around, but it's for you to judge: https://imgur.com/a/U8MLN. I am convinced that it is due to several factors: it looks deeper/has a qualitative reflection (almost) simulating ENB, eliminating GPU performance toll while doing that (the appearance) even better than preceding released shaders (which did take a toll), making it the ultimate combination.


Open spoiler for sample images of reflection effect:





Some will like the ENB resemblance, and others will find the reflection too shiny or deep.

You can modify that easily and adapt it to your wishes using the variables in client_carshader.lua. The intensity, brightness, deepness and visibility of the reflection can be tweaked in there, so you can make a ''custom'' version just like ENB's get edited and released as custom ENB. You can make it look differently (more than just less prominent effect) while retaining the optimized techniques it uses against lag. It's possible to simulate the lightest possible shader that doesn't look ''extremely reflective''.

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