How do you handle chargebacks?

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I'm creating this topic so other server owners can comment on how they handle donation chargebacks (mostly PayPal ones).

I'm one of the owners of SAUR:RPG, and over the years we got plenty of chargebacks, some were for unauthorized access (stolen CC/PP), others were just for "item not received",  and I find this last one really weird to be honest, since it's a donation and not a purchase, so what "item" does PayPal think the donator did not receive?

Mostly we can win chargebacks which aren't for unauthorized access (unless PayPal finds out it's not true), but other times PayPal decides the case on the donator's favor.


So, the point of this topic is to share the ways other servers handle chargebacks.


I appreciate any helpful comment.



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Seller protection is always a good thing to check. If you don't have that, Paypal could charge you $20 if you lose a chargeback case. "item not received" is indeed a strange claim for donations but it might also be just a stupid way to request a refund. If you use an IPN callback script you could also validate some of the information Paypal send back to you such as the country code. A mismatching country code (compared to the client IP) could be a sign of unauthorized access (stolen CC/PP).

Paypal is a good payment processor for customers/donators but terrible for merchants and service providers. As a final controversial solution, I'd suggest you throw away Paypal (or hide it deeply somewhere) then add Coinbase or Cryptonator instead. With cryptocurrencies, you're in charge of your own money which is brilliant for merchants. 

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If in the same country, send them a "package" aka a thank you letter for donating.

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