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Hello reader, and welcome to San Andreas Community Server   Server! 

  -San Andreas Community Server  was created to give players chances , more chances everyday we are working as hard as we can for your entertainment.This server has been revived by a bunch of geeks.

 -SACS:RPG is still up since 3 months and still going to grow up

 -SACS:RPG Ip Adress: mtasa://

 -SACS:RPG Forum Link : will be added soon

 -On Our Forum you can find everything you need such as Rules & News & Recruitments

 -By the way we're looking for a new Staffs on SAWG team, if you think you're experienced enough,and you deserve that place fell free to appeal for it Now ! ,Dont Even Forget To Take a Look.


-Question: How can I know the server rules and information?
-Answer: Press F1. This panel has everything that you will be needing from the server. The rules, information, the job information how to work with them and why to work as it.

-Question: How do I start a new job?
-Answer: You visit a 'Save Icon'. There are found all around San Andreas. Press the map by pressing 'F11', the disc is blue and it should always be near you as there are many placed all around the San Andreas. Visit one, while standing on it, press 'H' to open the gui dialog. Look for 'Start New Life' it will kill you and the spawn will appear to spawn as something new.

-Question: How do I purchase a vehicle?
-Answer: You visit a 'Car Shop'. There founded on LS, SF and LV. Press 'F11' to open the map, on the map there is going to be a blue vehicle blip (or on your radar if you're near), go to the vehicle blue blip and there is going to be a marker. By going to that marker will display the carshop system which allowing you to purchase a vehicle depending on the amount you have.

-Question: How do I purchase a house?
-Answer: To purchase a house you must have the amount of money the house is wanting for. The money can be on hand or in bank when purchasing the house. To know if
you can purchase the house they will be listed on 'M', 'Houses for sale' or the Icon will be green. Get near the icon, press 'H' and search 'Purchase House'. When you
successfully purchase the house, the following things can be placed at it:
-Vehicle Donations.
-Interior Donations.
Also, when spawning, you may spawn at your house by clicking the house name of which house of your's you would like to spawn at. Please know they are some rules regarding
of where you can spawn and where you can't.

-Question: When vehicle purchase, where can I spawn it to use it?
-Answer: The vehicle is added to save icon. You must visit a save icon, when you do, press 'H' to open the housing dialog. Press 'Vehicles' and all vehicles purchased by you
are placed there. Showing the vehicle damage, fuel, and model.

-Question: How can I earn money?
-Answer: There is alot of ways to earn money. There is few spawns which has a restricted job that you have to do in order to earn money. F.g. Trucker; You have to enter
a roadtrain, go to the 'T' select your load to deliver and start deliver it to the deliver point and earning money depending on the load you choose.


-SACS Login |-| Spawn Panel |-| Scoreboard |-| F1 Panel [HELP Panel] -













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On 02/03/2018 at 02:40, #Nova said:

First of all , all resource leaked from a server

omg Nova you Remmebre that login panel? HHH

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