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Problem whit a script

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Why when i turn on my server  all the scripts go on and work (the tables has been created of the other scripts) but of the resource vehicles they doesn´t

LOG : 

ERROR: sql/layout.lua:91: Unable to create table vehicles
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] INFO: Changed field fuelpoints.fuelpointID
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] INFO: Changed field fuelpoints.posX
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] INFO: Changed field fuelpoints.posY
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] INFO: Changed field fuelpoints.posZ
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] INFO: Changed field
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] Start up of resource vehicles cancelled by script
[2018-02-14 17:11:22] Stopping vehicles

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All this tells us is that a cancelEvent was called during onResourceStart.. why? I don't know.. can't see the code.

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