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Hello :) amm at start - english is not my native, so i say sorry already about that...


Now i will start about problem , where i cant find help, i will try to get it there...

So what happened, not so long time ago - 2017 , dec... i surfed in internet, and i found something called mta sdk ( i just get UCP i guess werry broken, because rightfull owners just gived this one away in github open source full ucp) so i taked it and reedited it so much , that its worked for me too... ( bases are same open source i mean ) soo.... in this ucp are some PHP scripts about mta("IP" "port" "Name" " Pass" ) , then i searched in wiki about php sdk, and in here too, ( here i find only tutorials) so i make everything like tutorials says

1) I maked new "account" named website

2) I added it to acl  under admins

3) i finded script in server and added it as admin resource in acl

4) I connected databases with new edited ucp forum + server

5) fixed resource who is called

6) started ucp and resource

7) used function from web

So there starts problems, at start i thinked this is only place where it broken up, but then i realise that everywhere where sdk trys to connect to server it just... stops...

the first problem is on sdk where its checks if server is online he should call resource from server where in lua is function that server is online...( server is online but it says its not)

Also it does not give any errors, or bugs,  it says in wiki, that there should be that website footprints in server logs its connect , but its not, basically nothing happens, not connections nothing... i asked already some friends to help who works on programming jobs. they watched LUA + PHp and said that they cant see where is problem, because its like from wiki and tutorials,... said maybe something in connection, or dots... ( but i just think its because server is like hybride on 5 different gamemodes....) still it just give 0 errors on sdk and it not connecting


Heeelp? suggestions what is the problem? i did everything that says in tutorials and wiki, but still nothing.. maybe u can tell steep by steep what to try?

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