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NG | National Gaming [Jobs/Turfs/Groups/RPG]

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The following is an article by GTAMPNews


National Gaming is an RPG server which is trying to be different and unique.

The server owner, Cortex, has provided MTA with some screenshots and information in preparation for the upcoming players. If you’re interested in learning more, join their Discord, their IP mtasa:// and finally their website

Cortex is looking for Developers, If you're a one feel free to talk with him.

There is going to be a lot of giveaways like VIP, money and bases, a lot of events are going to be hosted daily like Shamal Event and FFA, a lot more, waiting for you!

Features Summary:

  • Military / Terrorists / SWAT groups with custom skins!
  • Typical jobs such as Mechanic, Pilot, Trucker, etc..
  • Criminal features such as robbing stores and hacking ATMs!
  • Personal, moddable vehicles!
  • Vehicle fuel!
  • Turfing and groups!
  • AFK/Safe Zone!
  • Drugs with effects such as invisibility and super-jump!
  • Ammu-Nation and other services across San Andreas!
  • Daily 5-10 players!
  • VIPs like Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium!
  • You can get bases for your Clan, Squad and gang!
  • TDM System!

The screenshot below is the scoreboard, showing all of the traditional teams such as Law Enforcement, Criminals, Civilian and Emergency. Moreover, the scoreboard shows us there will be closed groups for Military, Terrorists and SWAT. also


Below you can see the modding capabilities for vehicles. Cortex has confirmed that players will be able to purchase personal, moddable vehicles. Also note the custom radar and speedo (which shows vehicles have fuel).


The interface for getting a new job can be seen below. It follows the functionality of many other RPG servers, with an ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ button, but it takes a unique approach to the menu design.


Below is the San Andreas map, which shows us quite a few things. The entire map is used, being filled with services such as hospitals, Ammu-Nations, Pay ‘n’ Sprays, and food stores. There are also turfs mapped across Las Venturas, for gang warfare. In San Fierro you can also see the (green) AFK/safe zone, just south of the hospital. The player position on the map indicates there will be some form of custom base/map to the east of Los Santos.


Quite a few player skin mods have been used for the closed groups, as show below.


At Ammu-Nation, players are able to buy a wide range of weapons, using a DX interface.



a unique spawners system using binds to spawn the vehicles, which has 3 free vehicles and up to 4 VIP vehicles!



The toll system, You can pay 150$ to pass through ways like SF to LS, LS to LV and vice versa, you also use your binds to buy a ticket to pass by pressing '1' or choose to ignore it by pressing '2' and do some stunts to pass the toll!





Proud Owner of National Gaming RPG


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If i am interested in that project, do i have to contact here? or you got discord,skype or something like that.

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On ‎2‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 15:09, Makius_4991 said:

If i am interested in that project, do i have to contact here? or you got discord,skype or something like that.

Discord : Cortex#1364

Screenshots added.

a lot of things added IG check it out!


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Added jetpack and nitrous for VIP and changed Staff Ranks from Level 5 to Owner ..etc

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Updated the topic and added the new screenshots!

I am looking for a good developer with a rank Co-Owner!

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Hey.I played with you last knight
but now i cant enter to to the server
the server is offline but idont know why ?
why is it offline ???????

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