MTA SA - connection timed out

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I have some problem to connecting with some servers. It start some month ago, and i was thinking that's due of my internet, but probably not.

So i can join every server of this DayZ project [Turkey, EU, Asia, International] but not [RU/UA] servers, before i can normal join to every RU server. I don't know what to do, i already:

> reinstalled MTA

> reinstalled GTA

> run MTA/GTA with admin privileges


My ping on those servers it's normal from 80 to 120 max. I can stay in login panel until i click Play for some minutes, and i don't get kicked, but when i want to log in, i have red connection sign and after some seconds i got kicked with reason connection timed out.

I try to join on RU servers on laptop connected to same network and there i don't have any problem with connection or something.

I hope someone help with me this. :c


Almost same issue > 


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Temporarily solved using TunnelBear VPN.

Still looking for other way to fix this ;v

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