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Hello all, my name is Lautaro Rojas, I'm 13 years old, I'm from Argentina and I learnt to script LUA 1 year ago.

I know most of you won't expect too much from the server because of my age.

Anyway, it has taken me a lot of work and I hope you all enjoy it.

I always wanted to make an RPG server, and well, this is my project.

TomaHawk 1.0 RPG Revolution

(Before posting my last topic, I had not read the rules, I'm so sorry)




- Own Gang System

-Own Vehicle System

-Own Briefcases System (with clues :D)






-Taxi Driver

 -Bus Driver

- Train Driver



-Robber (yes, it's a job here :p)




Accounts ID, private messages, in-chat commands (!gang, !gangexp, !exp, ...), bank system, shops: (weapon, food, cars), random math, random words.

You'll improve your player's stats by working. For example, paramedic gives you more max health.

Community scripts: house_system by DakiLLa, zombies by slothman.

Again, I really hope you like my project, thanks for reading. And yes, TomaHawk is a military airplane :v.

 ✖ ♦ TomaHawk 1.0 RPG Project ♦ ✖ EN/ES/AR [Gangs|Ghosts|Turf|CopsRobbers|Jobs]


The server is new and is in CONSTANT improvement


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