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offical resignation


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welli'm posting in the clan forum here becasue of FKU so....

I'm not playing mta anymore i've gotten quite bored of the same thing over and over again

I've moved on to a game called Knight Online which MrBump introduced me to

so to all the respected clans and players of MTA GL with your ventures

if anyone plays Knight Online look me up i'm on the Diez servers under the name :Quig:


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hmm? If u meant me thx its hard bein a PS noob.

Quig, I guess you'll never know, maybe when u come back.. and awhile after that. Just like fitness, you get outta shape, you got some ground to make up ;)

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good luck to ya dood...what you at now like lvl 9000?

i tried to play last nite... yup still bored :evil:

there will always be a place for you in FKU :wink: (even if it is as O.S. :P )

we just need something new... fresh... original . I think San Andreas would be it (the real deal...not just a race mod) But we gotta wait :evil:

btw.. you should drop out for a beer some night/weekend.

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