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A primary security measure anyone with common sense would take: log everything. Absolutely everything.

If you're a server owner, you know what you're dealing with; lots of players, lots of possible bugs and bad intentions. Yeah, they don't mix well.

So, some time ago I have made this small and easy but really useful script which stores logs of whatever you want by just using an exported function. You won't have to worry about anything at all but the contents of the log xD, it creates a log if it does not exist, and if it exists the entry will appear at the next line.

Each entry stores the time and date so you know when it all happened. You can choose to keep or to remove the color-codes, which is useful for chat logs or player names, for example.


exports.easylogger:addLogEntry (text,logname[,removecolorcode])
- text: The text.
- logname: The name of the log.
- removecolorcode: Whether to remove colorcodes or not. Set to true to remove, false otherwise.

exports.easylogger:addLogEntry("Hello world!","logfile1")
This would store the "Hello world!" text into a logfile called "logfile1.log".

This has been very useful to me, I've catched plenty of people doing shady things like abusing a money system by tracking the transactions, the teamchat and localchat of my server. So, really hope it helps you too.

Community download:

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