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Favorite GTA:San Andreas mission and character

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Favorite Character: Ryder (he does look like easy-e :D)

Favorite Mission: Just Business

(I know this isnt part of the rules but ill say it anyway.)

Most Hated Character: T-bone steak lol

Most Hated Mission: I cant think of one. lol

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Favorite Character: Tenpenny

Favorite Mission: Saint Mark's Bistro ( I liked the idea of returning to LC)

Most Hated Character: Catalina

Most Hated Mission: Most of the boring Countryside Missions


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hated character: catalina (same reason)

hated mission: hmm the one you have to pick up ceasar somewhere in bone county and travel a lot and it was a booring mission and If you fail it you can redo it... :evil:

I always got annoyed when i got into his car and starting driving for like 3 seconds then the car tips into flames, Then you have to travel all the way back to the start because he wont enter any other car :?

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Favorite character: Woozie,Mike toreno

Hated character: The white cop (Becoz he called the taxi driver stupid mexican)

Favorite mission: Where you skydive

Non fav mission: Where i got to kill OG loc. (Im stuck in it he goes too fast)

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Fav: Wu - Zi and Big Smoke


wuzi- when ur doing that one casino mission, guy brings in 2 chips and wuzi like "ONE'S FAKE!" Cj like "how did you know?!" wuzi "I guessed, why else would he bring two chips to me and sound so worried?" LOL i had to laugh at that..

Big Smoke- when ur doing the drive-thru mission, and he's ordering the whole menu "a number 5, a number 5 with cheese, a number 42... hahahahha and eat's Ryders food too hahah

ps: how do i start the last casino mission? i've done the cop wheels, and the one where u take the armoured truck, but i dont know how to initiate the final mission, plz someone PM me.

edit: damn, i also liked that mission where you go steal the 2 cars from the 2nd floor showroom, and you're following Caesar with the nos car... fun.

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Well propably GTA script file got blocked and u will never do that mission :?

I know one solution but dunno if it will work. U need to save the game at the Woozie casino, unload the game and walk straight into the building, the marker for the mission trigger should appear.

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damn, that sucks, ima try that real quick tho...

edit: nah, nothin.

last time anything happened inside the casino, was when i walked in, and ppl were having drinks, and they said something about business partners or something i dunno... dont remember really..

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