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What's the meaning of the server's name;

I think y'all wondering what's the meaning of this name? why this name exactly? isn't that bull:~? Well, I got the answers, I was in a server before with a friend of mine called Samer aka Baseplate, the server was named Utopia Prosperous Gamers, I loved the idea of Utopia which is an imaginary island which is an ideal place or state. then comes Democratic Community, this expresses the transparency and democracy in our server, our Administration team will handle all the situations democraticly, no dictatorship nor personal decisions, and everything will be infront of players' eyes.

About the community;

UDC is a project which has been developed since probably 1 year. It's a CnR/RPG/RP project, in this server we're trying to make things as much realistic as we can, we try to give the player the best RP experiance in a RPG/CnR server. We can say this server is based on CIT (Community of Integrity and Transparency) but we got our unique ideas and code. Our goal is the make a completely enjoyable atmosphere for our players to enjoy and not get fed up. Nevertheless, we won't hide the truth that we got some scripts from MTA community (not more that 3 tho).


  • Reach a decent amount of players.
  • Make realistic scripts and improve the gameplay.
  • Make this community to the top.
  • Create a funny and enjoyable atmosphere for the players.



  • Login panel: An advanced UI and simple interface to make it easier for the players.



  • Vehicles System: An advanced and Realistic vehicles system that hasn't been used in any other servers before.





  • Spawners System: An advanced vehicles system, it's not really realistic but does the job.




  • Jobs/Employment System: An advanced employment system which contains "SOME" of the jobs as we're still developing the rest of the jobs, you can find jobs all around SA marked with blips in the map.



  • Groups System: Simple UI that allows players to understand the system faster, it contains alot of features for the leaders, and will be improved in further versions.







  • Rules Panel (F1): DX based UI which contains all server rules.



  • Banking System: Realistic banking system, which offers different payment methods (using UDC Card) which is a unique idea that hasn't been used before, the banking system is synchronized with players' accounts using a specific PIN Code that the player should enter.





  • Turfing System: for a better CnR experiance we offer you the best choice which is turfing, actually it might be only for criminals since police officers can't turf, but this feature is well designed and has alot of perks.



  • Fuel System: We tried to make this as much realistic as we could so we made a fuel system which synchronizes fuel refilling with vehicles type (i.e: a truck pays more than a bike to refill)



  • Customs Shop (Credits: Al3grab): While searching the community to gain time, we found this epic modshop resource made by  @Al3grab.





  • Housing System: Make your own real estate, or have your own house, this system isn't finished, but V1.0 is ready to be launched (in further versions you'll be able to buy apartments and add your own furniture).





Future Resources Ideas;

  • Criminal Boss & Police Chief systems. Progress: 45%
  • More CnR events and Police events. Progress: 0%
  • Battle Royal Mod event (PUBG event which occurs each 30minutes). Progress: 3%
  • Garages System (GTA V garages system, just like GTA V xD ). Progress: 0%
  • Business System (Build your own company and start investing in stocks market !). Progress: 0%
  • Drug Farms (Buy a drug farm, farm drugs and hide it from cops, make it secure with bots and cops will barely find you). Progress: 0%
  • More Jobs and Current jobs improvement. Progress: 30%
  • Tolls system. Progress: 0%

Release Date & Grand Opening Party;

Saturday, January 13th, 2018 - 19:00 PM GMT (20:00 GMT + 1)

We have already planned a big party for the grand opening, this will contain giveaways, gifts, music, fun, introductions. Party will mostly occur in Santa Maria Beach, Los Santos, where we will drop drugs, weapons..etc and players will have to find it in order to gain it, there will be competitions, races,..etc and alot of fun waiting you !


Social Links;


Facebook Page (New)

Temporary Unofficial Trailer;



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3 hours ago, Khadeer143 said:

Well good luck it looks cool keep it up 

We appreciate your support, hope to see you around on Saturday ! stay tuned ;) 

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