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pimp my ride contest

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You have to modify or download a vehicle.

Remember to post or tell me what your car looks like

date contest ends:aug. 28, 2005


1.) You must state whether or not you are entering your car in a contest.

2.) You are allowed three submissions for each contest.

3.) You may not re-submit any cars from previous contests, though you may use cars that you posted that were NOT submissions.

4.) The Blade is not allowed in any submissions unless I say otherwise. It is too secksee of a car.

5.) The Emergency Submission Act may still be put into action and recalled on my command.

6.) No photoshopped pictures. Text is allowed, but only as a title or caption. Not pretend writing on the side of the car.

7.) Anyone who helps a person without the ability to post a car will recieve the Best Friends Forever Award, and will be allowed to submit SIX times total, but ONLY if three of the ideas are of their partner's.

8.) Please don't post absolutely huge pictures.

9.) In a tournament, if there aren't any submissions in two days, I can let two other people participate in the contest.

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