Mta crashes before joining the server

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so, when I try to join drift server, it loads, but in the end it crashes, just before joining the server.

Version = 1.5.5-release-11790.1.000
Time = Wed Dec 27 20:08:23 2017
Module = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA SA\gta_sa.exe
Code = 0xC0000005
Offset = 0x00137D6E

EAX=00000000  EBX=65653740  ECX=00004CAB  EDX=000132AC  ESI=693C80F8
EDI=00000030  EBP=000132AC  ESP=0177F3DC  EIP=00537D6E  FLG=00010202
CS=001B   DS=0023  SS=0023  ES=0023   FS=003B  GS=0000

please help 

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Crash with offset 0x00137D6E means out of mem, read here: (edit: clipboard fail) and also see how someone else resolved it understanding that:

Your PC just cannot handle loading the tons of mods such drift servers tend to have.. @Dov1s1

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