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NFS project (Nice F*cking Server) is an online racing simulator based on MTA SA.
Key features:
- new car physics engine written from scratch
- unique racing system
- car development and upgrades system
- various historic and modern cars, reconstructed in game with maximum precision
- various racing tracks













How to join the game:
1*. You need to install completly clean GTA SA version, without any mods.
2*. In installed GTA SA folder replace gta_sa.exe with this:
3*. Install MTA SA (if not already done so) from
4. Download server cache:
5. Unpack server cache into [MTA install directory]/mods/deathmatch/resources/
6. Download our custom client:
7. Unpack our client into any folder and launch Multi Theft Auto.exe.
8. Join our server: mtasa://

* - you can skip those steps if you already installed and playing MTA SA.
In case during gameplay you have any crashes, you have to reinstall GTA SA. Probably you are using some mods that you don't even know about.

Social links:
vk group:
youtube channel:

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I'd highly recommend a secondary place to upload your files, is incredibly slow for those who do not live near Russia.

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