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For Christmas I want to create a script which adds a Santa Hat on the head of the local player by a command. 

During the development, I had 2 ideas:

1. Replacing the model of an existing Hat cloth is impossible and leads to a game crash. MTA seem to not have support for clothes ID, only for texture replacement.

2. Positioning another small object (with replaced texture and model) on top of the player's head is another solution. Here, the problem is the position where the hat should be placed: getting the coordonates of the highest "bone" of the ped with getPedBonePosition leads to small changes through the vales, so the hat is not moving with the head like it should behave. If you have a solution for getting the position of any body part (in this case the head), it will be a big help :D

I will comment with the code if needed. 

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