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Hi guys!

I just tried out the external http file download stuff. And i constantly get:
DIAGNOSTIC: [N'C]dugasz1 #1011 External HTTP file mismatch (Retrying this file with internal HTTP) [spawn\spawn_c.lua]

But they are the same. I'm using AWS CloudFront. So, i don't know is it the server even find it? Maybe the redirections mess things up?

I added ContentType: application/octet-stream and i checked it with chrome and postman and it is there. So any idea? 

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It's just a local server on my machine.

But i read your comment somewhere about different line ending, so i checked i compired the binary and i didn't see any difference.

But here's the file on my machine: Drive link

And here is the link for the S3 bucket: Bucket

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Seems to work for me (MTA does handle redirects). Here is what I did:

1) Set mtaserver.conf to contain: <httpdownloadurl>d1izvzwg6uq9e2.cloudfront.net</httpdownloadurl>
2) Add spawn resource to server
2) Start server
3) Ensure spawn does not exist in client cache
4) Start client
5) Join server
6) Start resource spawn
Result: Download success

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Do you mean MTA San Andreas 1.5\mods\deathmatch\resources under client cache?

I did these steps and the same error occures.

My servers spawn resource:

The bucket:

In the server config: <httpdownloadurl>d1izvzwg6uq9e2.cloudfront.net</httpdownloadurl>

I'm duing this on Windows 10 don't know is it matter.

The content-type is looks fine too.


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MD5 and CRC32

Add this in a client script:

function myCallback( responseData, errno )
                .. " response length:" .. tostring(string.len(responseData))
                .. " errno:" .. tostring(errno)
    local newFile = fileCreate("downloaded.lua")
    if (newFile) then
        fileWrite(newFile, responseData)
fetchRemote ( "d1izvzwg6uq9e2.cloudfront.net/spawn/spawn_c.lua", myCallback )

Then check the content of downloaded.lua
(it will be in the client resource cache directory)

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function greeting(  )
	-- body
addCommandHandler("g", greeting)

That's wierd it returns with the first version of the file. I guess the cloudfornt doesn't synced the data. I tried with only the bucket link https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/testmtabucket/resources and it worked fine.

How MTA resoulve DNS? Because it almost works in my browser it downloads the almost latest (without the last modofication you writed) with the cloudfront DNS too but MTA downloads the oldest?

Found the reason. CloudFront not the best in updating existing file. Link

Thank you for your help !

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