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[MAPPING] Darkness surrounds in one place.

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We have encountered a mistake in our several month work on the map. When we arrive, we will arrive, we will come to a small place of the map, slowly turn dark surroundings and when we go a little further, it will return as quickly back.

We use custom objects. - We've tried to remove everything that could have reached this small area.

We use a shader. - It does not help to shut down the script.

We have not tried anything else, because we are experiencing this problem first. Please review photos and comment on the issue.

Sorry for my bad english.


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Are the objects placed on negative posZ? This looks like underworld for me, try moving objects on positive posZ 

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We tried it and it does not help. There was no object at that place, and it was the same

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Solved ?

Found same black spot in MTA VC, at the same spot for SA near (according the map) the hill. In VC it's on a beach in front of ocean view hotel. 

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