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The past months I started working on something that may change the way you train for clanwars forever. It's a resource which, in my opinion, should be included in the next version of MTA as a default resource just like race_ghost is. I present you my biggest work to date, (almost) all made from scratch - race_ghost_spectate. Functions:

* The original race_ghost resource is required to be on the server and running.
* When a map with a ghost racer available gets started all you need to do is press G to spectate the ghost vehicle.
* You cannot spectate the ghost vehicle until the race countdown ends.
* You can only initiate ghost spectating when you're in 'alive' state.
* As long as you're spectating the ghost vehicle you cannot switch directly to normal spectating.
* Your state gets set to 'nolifing' while you're spectating the ghost vehicle :P
* You can move the camera freely around the ghost vehicle.
* Q, E, Q+E or middle mouse button all work as expected: look left, look right, look back of the ghost vehicle.
* When the ghost vehicle has hit the finish line you cannot start spectating it.
* If you press Enter while you're 'nolifing' you will stop spectating the ghost vehicle and will respawn as normal in 'alive' state.
* If you're spectating the ghost vehicle and it hits the finish line when you're not alone in the server you will switch to normal spectate mode automatically.
* When you let go of the mouse for 1.5 seconds it will go back to being behind the ghost vehicle automatically. And it will always follow it, on all axis.
* When you start spectating the ghost vehicle everything will move according to it:
- The checkpoint markers and blips will be displayed ahead of it as if it's you who's driving the vehicle. They'll also dissapear when the ghost collects them.
- There will be a white-ish line drawn a few meters ahead of the ghost vehicle. This line shows where exactly it will go next.
- There will be some information regarding the ghost, like it's current checkpoint as well as the name of the player who did it, shown at the bottom center of your screen.
* The following commands are available so that you can turn on/off anything you may want. 1 = on, 0 = off:
- /info 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's ghost creator name and current ghost checkpoint at bottom center of your screen.
- /route 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's route highlight feature which draws arrows a few meters ahead of the ghost's current position.
- /blips 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's checkpoint radar blips which adds blips for the two incoming checkpoints ahead of the ghost itself.
- /markers 1 or 0 - Enable/disable Ghost-Spectate's checkpoint markers which adds markers at the spot where the normal checkpoints should be.
- /timesup 1 or 0 - Enable/disable the next map vote when the ghost vehicle hits the finish line while you're spectating it and are alone in the server.
* All of the above commands get saved into a xml file so they get loaded back when you reconnect to the server. No need to enable/disable them each time.


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