Bluescreen when i want join to server.

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Hello, i have little problem with MTA,  when i want join to server i got bluescreen and after this my MTA got default settings. First time, my bs i got yesterday  +/- 18:00. Its not at all servers but on my favourite, give me any information what to do, thx.

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There isn't too many informations, so...

Everything happens only on Polish Real Life server (that's the name of it). IP I'm one of the administrators on this server. There's a lot of players who complain about bluescreens (10 players posted that problem within 3 hours). These crashes started from today I think.

Mausner, please to do a MTADiag and send the results

(How to do that:

Pobierz i wypakuj MTADiag, podążaj za instrukcjami zawartymi w programie. Naciśnij 'n' kiedy program zapyta, czy MTA działa poprawnie. MTADiag skopiuje do schowka link do logów (dostępne pod PPM > wklej lub CTRL + V). Wyślij je w nowym poście.
W celu poprawnego działania programu MTADiag wymagana jest intalacja Microsoft Visual 2012 (x86) ( ))

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Me have this problem too. My computer is turning off in 1second when i connecting to PRL ( polish real life). MrDadosz my computer is turning off since yesterday.


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I got a bluescreen when my internet disconnected (FairPlayKD.sys). I'll test that build.

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