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You think mta 0.3 is good?  

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  1. 1. You think mta 0.3 is good?

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i heard anybody about the men on the roof and i got investigating

so i join a game and there you go 20 or 30 men on the roof no i think lets cheat

i get myself a rocket launcher and blow the man of the roof, i go check him ok i cant kill him but when i walk he walks but only 1 direction so i kept walking and walking and finally he must crossed the ocean next to the mafia spawn point beacause he walked right in it....

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EVERYONE seems to be confused about the people on the roof. who are they? are they peds? are they other players?

both, sort of.

When you join a server, you become one of those people on the roof.

You are then teleported to the other roof, where you choose your team.

Another way to think about it: you are an evil, mind-taking over alien thing.

Those players on the roof are your hosts.

You join the server, and you take over the mind of your host.

Then, by magic, you're transported on top of a building, where you get to choose which kind of other mind-stealing alien things you want to be friends with. (a.k.a. choosing your team)

simple as dat (at least I THINK that's correct... I'm 85% certain that's how it works.)

If you're around blokker, could you confirm that for me?

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