[REL] Better Hydra Missiles

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UPDATE: This resource is now on version 1.1

This update includes:
* Hydra targetting actions now trigger MTA events.
* Only rendered vehicles are considered, making it scale much better on larger servers.
* Many bugs fixed (Such as errors spawning from a hydra being deleted via "destroyElement"
* The coloured boxes around the targets are now optional, and can be customized.
* A new feature called "focus" to show what the events triggered can be used for.
* Better colour choices.

New demo video is here: 



The creator of this bug report (https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=9763) gave me some good reasons why MTA's default Hydra missile targetting system needs to be redone.

* GTA was not made for multiplayer, so bugs like the one he filed are present in the default targetting system
* It is not flexible, the server cannot change parameters such as lock-on time, angle of detection, range, cooldown etc.
* You cannot have team tagging, which would be a great feature. Don't you hate it when you're holding space your own clan mates get targetted?
* You cannot cycle through possible targets. The game decides which target you locked on to, and you can't change it unless you move around and do random stuff.

So, I decided to implement a custom Hydra targetting system with all these features, with help from Antix. (Thanks to Edeen, Slim, Meex, Ease and Khid for testing the script)

This is a drop in replacement for GTA's default missile targetting system, and only adds a few features (that can be nerfed) while remaining faithful to the original mechanics.

The resource is free (MIT License) and you can use it on your server if you want.
Download it and read the instructions for customizing it here: https://github.com/Luca-spopo/better-hydra-missiles

Once it gets used by enough servers and tested enough, maybe we can include this in the default resources as a replacement for the current hydra/hunter missile system.

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1 hour ago, ahmedo01 said:

Very good. Thanks for it. Is it synchronous between clients?

Yes, as much as projectiles in MTA are.

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