Fall off bike fix

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I want to create a script that prevents the fall of the player from the bike while doing backflips and while having another player glued. The thing is it doesn't do what it is supposed to.

function onClientRender()
	if (isElementAttached(localPlayer) == true) then
		local naElement = getElementAttachedTo(localPlayer)
		if (getElementType(naElement) == "vehicle") then
			if (getVehicleType(naElement) == "Bike" or getVehicleType(naElement) == "BMX" or getVehicleType(vehicle) == "Quad") then
				local driver = getVehicleOccupant(naElement, 0)
				if (driver) then
					local rX, rY, rZ = getElementRotation(naElement)
					--outputChatBox("Bike rotation: x = " .. rX .. " y = " .. rY .. " z = " .. rZ)
					if (rX > 90 and rX < 300) then
						setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike(driver, true)
						outputChatBox(getPlayerName(driver) .. " is fixed")
						setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike(driver, false)
						outputChatBox(getPlayerName(driver) .. " is not fixed")
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, onClientRender)


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The thing is it doesn't do what it is supposed to.

Not specific enough...


Where does it go wrong? This code can't tell me right away what your problem is.







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So, in my server i have configured "glue" script, which attach players to my vehicle. Recently, i found a bug that throws me away if I do backflips and if i have another player glued on. What i want to do is to force myself to not fall of when i do rotations and when i have someone glued on my bike

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But what does this script has to do with the glue script?

Because the function setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike has no influence over the glue script.

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I finished my script, restricting some cases when player could have felt off the bike in another way.

I request topic closed

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