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The community resource site runs an extremely dated interface with basically what could be considered spam summited in a huge multiple each month.

The resources site could be replaced with the IPS downloads system with a lot more pros than cons.

Pros to using the current resources page.

  • Bug tracker accounts linked
  • Separate site (if it even is)

Cons to using current resource page.

  • Vastly outdated user interface
  • Little to no management, while it relies heavily on reports there seem to be no requirements for posting a resource
  • Poor review and comments system
  • Spambots run rampant in the comments (Less present on the forums)

Pros to using the forums download system.

  • Much better user interface
  • Quicker loading times
  • A much more detailed review and comments system
  • Management would be a lot better
  • Less Spam
  • Would be a clean slate
  • Easier updates

Cons to using Forum download system.

  • Contained on same site (Might be an issue if the community resources is hosted on an external host)
  • Authors would have to manually migrate their resources (Clean slate 'see above')


Just an idea as I know the thought of a new community resources setup has been thrown around, yet never executed.

Further info regarding forums vs Community Site











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4 hours ago, CodyJ(L) said:

Cons to using current resource page.

  • Vastly outdated user interface
  • Little to no management, while it relies heavily on reports there seem to be no requirements for posting a resource

I just want to address a few incorrect statements, community has been developed from scratch by us back in the days (as no CMS did fit our needs), it's only outdated in terms of ''old code'' (which isn't objective.. also the initial dev was extremely experienced) and being prone to spambots (which we'll fix when we got manpower). The current version of community is still being actively developed, as we have a private repository, it's just that we aint got much manpower for web development, however there's been quite some updates rolled out silently over the past months.

''Little to no management'' - we do moderate it, but as the same mentality has stricken people there (no longer taking the time to report or even be arsed to) as on the forums as of recently, it's more difficult to locate violating content. You also said ''there seem to be no requirements for posting a resource'' - please refer to

In regards to your suggestion, we've recently (a few months ago) tried to assemble a team of web developers to start working on a new Community, but it failed due to lack of manpower. @CodyJ(L) You are suggesting a CMS, which is generally a bad idea because we'd have to customize alot of it's codebase to fit our needs, I won't get in-depth here but we got some plugins/extensions that would be needed in order to fit our specific needs, these systems are currently integrated in our own Community and would need to be rewritten and manually added to the IPS downloads CMS. This further complicates the updating process, as IPS gets updated regularly and because security bugs circulate pretty quickly for outdated versions off major CMS'es like that, requiring us to update swiftly as we do with the forums, which will be practically impossible due to customisations.

So while the suggested IPS downloads CMS may look fancy, it's an unrealistic idea due to the named concerns. Better said, don't fix what ain't broken, the concept for a new Community site is a long-term idea that some day will have to be worked out, when we get sufficient manpower. But again, in order to fit needs I won't further describe for security reasons, we will have to customize it, something impractical with a CMS's nature. The only feasible option is a completely redesigned Community, developed from scratch by ourselves, but for now we can go ahead for a while and may fix the spambot problem on a separate occasion to increase the current community's longevity.


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Completely understood, I'll admit I didn't take into account some major issues but was just an idea.

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