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Presented By (Previously J Series) With more than 3 years of work I decided  to publicly release my map conversions, I had dropped my previous listings due to some "Issues" howeve

I already have one in progress, will take a while though because I'm going to add the ability to edit JSD files, a texture editor, an object browser, property editing, ect will allow you to make the m

chernarus from arma 2.  It's a little bit too big tho, half of it or something like that would be amazing.

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Hello! Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translator.
It does not work on Linux servers, in some cases (CentOS) crashes:

WARNING: ObjS/Server/Streamer_S.lua:77: Bad argument @ 'createObject' [Expected number, got NaN]

On Linux VDS server does not start if the resources in the folder with the resources



This is all checked on test servers, I can provide access for checks

On Windows VDS-KVM there are no errors and everything works

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For anyone having trouble with installation. First, read the "readme" on Jstreamer gihtub. Second, when you want to use the resources, always drop the folder with the "meta" file in them. That means if you want to use the VC map, then you have to open the J-vice-city-master folder, take the VC2, VCLightGen, and VCmini folders and then them into the resources folder. Then start them just like any other resource, make sure you start all 3 of them. Same goes for the Jstreamer itself, always look for the folder with "meta.xml" in it, thats what MTA needs.

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oops, how are you? so i was wondering if there is any more complete tutorial possible, teaching how to convert the 3ds max map to mta?

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