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By the way, which software is used to mod the games and create such maps? Because I'd like to know what software I should download or buy to do this castle and other Czech Republic or generic West Slavic themed buildings in a small homegrown map.

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3Ds max or blender. While 3Ds max is better it costs alot and blender is free.

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I keep getting these errors after updating Objs and my mta server. I keep replacing VC2, but then after refreshing/restarting it will give me these same errors again.


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Update your server (Grab the latest nightly build)

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Hello! Sorry for my bad English, I use Google translator.
It does not work on Linux servers, in some cases (CentOS) crashes:

WARNING: ObjS/Server/Streamer_S.lua:77: Bad argument @ 'createObject' [Expected number, got NaN]

On Linux VDS server does not start if the resources in the folder with the resources

This is all checked on test servers, I can provide access for checks

On Windows VDS-KVM there are no errors and everything works

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