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Oh, hi there!


Today im gonna post about a website i've created, UnitedServers.


UnitedServers is a website which focuses on offering a serverlist for multiple multiplayer games on just one website. It's still under heavy development, new features are being added and bugs are getting fished out everyday. But it's ready to give it a test-drive.


Some of the features we provide:

  • Currently we have 11 multiplayer games in our library.
  • A good-looking website, not only for the visitors, but also "behind the scenes". ( we dislike spaghetti code ).
  • A small moderator team which are 24/7 busy smashing and fighting with their ban-hammers to keep :~posts outside. Just kidding, but they are there!

Planned features:

  • API's for multiple games so you can provide more server information on your page.
  • Finishing the spotlight features *1
  • A page where users can submit a game-request if they're missing a game in our library.

*1: For five Euro's you'll give your server-rank a boost more powerful than a rocket launcher. You'll get a verified status for two weeks and a 50+ vote boost. Also your server page will unlock premium features such as a place for you server video, a mvp option*2 and more!


*2 most valuable player, your players deserve a place in the spotlights too ;).


Alright, i hope this is just enough information! Tips and advice is welcome, please mail them to us at: contact@unitedservers.nu.


URL: https://www.unitedservers.nu/

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