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GTA:SA gets the AO Rating...


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In europe the rating allready was 18+, and besides that, people under 18 can easily buy the game without problems. And I really don't care about the coffee crap. I like the game how it is and that coffee crap doesn't change that. I hope no one makes the coffee mod a multiplayer MTA gamemode...

Indeed, if you are under the 18 years and you buy it. they ask how old you are. Just say that it is a birthday present and they wrap it up and sell it :roll: .

It doesn't matter that it will get a OA rating since the game allready has a AO rating in different places.

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-MY FIRST POST- (am i doing this right?)

Does anyone out there (who doesnt work for Rockstar), know for SURE whether the mod CREATES new features, or ENABLES them from within the game?

Luck me I bought the original disk (soon rare maybe?) :)

According to some news i read, Take Two might block all player mods on the new disks!!

.... that cant be good, then it gets harder to mod. Then people not happy.

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