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Dear developers, it's high time to make a mod on GTA 4, why do not you do it? Should I wait?

Already close to 2018, and the old graphics and physics is not relevant.

 P.S  You can also make a poll in the MTA, so that the players voted for GTA 4 or GTA SA

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5 hours ago, Unknown-guy said:

The MTA team don't have enough developers for this big project.

They don't want to make anything more for Rockstar Games profit.

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GTA 4? You've got to be joking. Why the hell would anyone waste their time making something for crappy GTA 4 that nobody plays any more when GTA 5 has been out for years... There already is a multiplayer mod for GTA 4 and I just checked how many people are playing it right now... 5 people.

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How i know, MTA Devs developed MTA for GTA IV, but they cancelled it.
There's old videos About gameplays MTA IV




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