Help in regarding timer,weapon property!

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Hello all MTA community recently I checked in my server that I need to do some settings like rhino I wanna make rhino for timer purpose like all can buy rhino but for minimum time -10 min 0r 5min till he die !how can I ? From fr-cilent .Lua or should I need add any other way ?

Next is : I want to give more effect of ammos for ak47,m4 more ammo ,for snatchels and grenades I mean when I throw 1 grenade the other player must die even if he is with armour+health ,in recently MTA by thrwoing 4 grenades or snatchels only able to make player die ! anyone suggest me how to ? Please let me know 

Another one is for freeroam servers many use binds to regain more kills ,when they snatchel they recently use it has blast too I want to add this to as timer (wait 10 sec to use another key ) 

Let me know pls

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Nice concepts, now please start coding your first attempts.

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Thank you iiyama ,but the problem is weather should I give sepearate cilet file again to freeroam or should I add function in same fr_client.lua will u tell me these ?

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Just add two new ones, for serverside and clientside. Or more if you want per functionality a file.

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