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how to compress dff and txd file

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how to shrink the size of txd and dff

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As far as I'm aware you can't compress TXD or DFF.

You should compress the images you use rather than the actual TXD. Also don't use huge dimensions for your textures if they are for something that isn't important, or something small. I don't really use many custom TXDs in my stuff but I imagine 512x512 would be the biggest you want your images to be.

Again, you can't compress a DFF. File size is linked with the amount of polys used in your models, so you should work on decreasing them - this is especially true if you're downloading free models from around the web as most of them won't be optimized.

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1 hour ago, CodyJ(L) said:

You can compress TXDs, using magic TXDs; ass for DFFs they can be optimized, but not compressed

Does that actually compress the TXD though or the images?

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With the right settings, the images retain their quality, while the file size drops a crap load. (I got 1.5GB worth of TXDs down to 513mb)

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It is possible to compress dff files, but you'll need to use a Lua library to accomplish that. You can use:

It's basically a Lua module that allows you to compress files in .zip format, I haven't tested it, but I'm making a wild guess that it works. You'll need to load DFF manually by first using the module to compress it, read the compressed file, send it to the client using


Once the client has received the file, decompress it using the same module, and you'll get a string then use

engineLoadDFF ( "yourDFFStringHere" )

to load the file.You save up to 45%.


EDIT: Looks like the module is using C code, I guess you can't achieve it without that. I tried looking for some modules written in pure lua, I couldn't find any of them. Try looking by yourself, you might possibly find one.

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