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I'm really new at scripting, i may wanted to know how to create a vip system like: check time remaining, command to add vip to a player by his name  and to remove

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function (thePlayer, cmd)
    local account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)
    local accountName = getAccountName(account)
    if not player then outputChatBox("The player has left, or you have spelled his name wrong",source,255,0,0) return end
    if isPlayerVIP(getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player))) then outputChatBox("This player is already VIP, source", 255,0,0) return end
    if addVIPToDatabase(getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)) then

Something like this to create VIP system.

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Hey. I don't think that if you're new at mta scripting, you should not start with a VIP system. But i would use functions like:


With these you can set the VIP level of the player in an easily reachable way. Also you have to store the expiration data in internaldb, in an SQL, or in a text file (i do not recommend this).

you can check with "if CONDITION then CODE end" if the player has an expired VIP.

for the command:



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