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Problem running v1.5.5-release-11705 in docker

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I'm getting this exact error when trying to launch a freshly installed v1.5.5-release-11705 64-bit Linux server in docker (Debian 9)

"(Daemon) error while processing mods/deatchmatch/mtaserver.conf" (note the c in deatchmatch)

Installed version: MTA:SA Server v1.5.5-release-11705

For some reason the server starts when running as root, all permissions are correct but this error keeps showing up. No logs or debug output. Any ideas?

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Where are you seeing the error message?

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It's the output from docker, I'm not sure if it's generated by MTA itself or somewhere else but the path is misspelled somewhere and I have no idea where. I searched all the paths I can set myself and none of them are misspelled. Can users even override that path? Should be mentioned that there's no spelling errors in the filesystem and the server does start if I run as root.

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mods/deathmatch can not be overridden, and that error message is not from MTA.

No idea what the problem could be.

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