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what does every 1 look like??

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yup, it's for pc.

Oficcially I got the game for gamecube, but on NGC you can't go online :'( (the cube itself can go online, but only 3 games support it) And the game is overwhelming cool in multiplayer, so I decided to download the game only for multiplayer on pc. hah as punishment they didn't give the cube online support. I can't give you the link to the great working file I found (it works fantastic) I downloaded it with a torrent.

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mad boy wrote:

PS: .h0z: if that's you, get some sleep

well u work a 16 hr shift wake up and have ur sis take a pic ..i think all that considered ..it aint too bad ... and besides my bf wont let me put any other 1s on here :P

heheh ;)

if not id prob put the non cartoon 1 of the pic i drew in my signature :P

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