what does every 1 look like??

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Looks like u just got up tbh :S

nah, but it do looks like he watches gay porn, then he got stoned :lol: !

in ur wet dreams .. but if u meant lesbian porn.. maybe 8)

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and some wanna be pimps up in there too:


xD at them too. Especially the guy in the middle wearing the purple suit

Vicer tell them to "PIMP You're Ride" !

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VCES>StaR and VCES>nick


taken last year.

mafia wears a wedding band?..

would that make him the...


i know, im corny.

and n00bi3:


and it did hurt.

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cron: weed was cool in highschool.

now, i have a job and a whole load of other shit to take care of.

imo weed = waste of time and proves you need something just to waste time inbetween jerking off and sleeping.

good day to yuo sir :!:

ur cool tho lol.

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Wow...that was gay :roll:

no, it was fukkin funny, n1 Vicer :lol:

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rofl, maybe you should listen to gamefreek, he knows well what he's talking about.

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ok even yr close m8s photo shop u lol :wink:


its not me be4 u get started iam actually the dude my m8 done at the bottom right with the name edited which i thought funny and cool lol , i even got a pic of me in a suit with a mafia type hat which i find funny and wont post :oops:

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All people who don't post their photo on their Internet are faggots, I don't care if my pic gets photoshopped, someone could just walk past me in the street tomorrow with their phone camera and take a photo and edit it, so here.



That's me with the blonde hair.

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jani is blonde.. figures :lol:

DAMN this thread is still afloat? Popular.

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