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Favorite GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA Song


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Mine are

GTA3: Royce 5'9" - Danger

GTAVC: Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (plays in Lance's boat cutscene at Diaz's also)

GTASA: Gap Band - You Dropped the Bomb on Me

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I don't really like the SA radio stations much. Vice's were excellent but SA's aren't really anything special, so probably my favourite would be Plush by Stone Temple Pilots.

Favourite VC song is probably Pale Shelter by Tears For Fears, but it's a tough choice.

Haven't played GTA3 for ages so I can't really remember the music.

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GTA3, never really listened to it

VC: Megadeth - Peace Sells

SA: KISS - Strutter

V-Rock on VC was actually the best radio station ever created ever, i was mucho disappointed with Radio-X from SA, RLS was wicked tho, i always listen to that

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GTA3 - She's on Fire <--- i just found it so funny when i heard it

GTAVC - Cant remember the name, but it was on emoticon, all i know is that it was later covered by Master P

GTASA - The Stone Roses - Fools Gold <---- by far the best song (in my opinion) in the whole game, its a classic.

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GTA3 - Hmm... cant remember any... I dont like Michael Jackson but... Billie Jean is the only song i rmember

Nah, that was Vice City. In GTA3 they didn't use commercial music.

I thought i heard a beat of the song Billie Jean in GTA3 and some guy said "hurry hurry hurry" on the chorus.

List Changed.

GTA3 - Shes on fire (lol thanks Talidan for reminding me that)

GTA:VC - None

GTA:SA - Still Dr. Dre - Dre Day

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GTA3 - The talk shows

Vice - The talk shows

GTA:SA - Nothing really stood out for me

The GTA:SA talk shows were pretty much crap IMO. Comparing the GTA:SA talk shows to the Vice or GTA3 ones is like comparing MadTV/SNL to Monty Python/some other equally brilliant comedy show.

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