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Problems with mysql connection

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Dear users,

I created a test resource called "prova". When I try to start it, I get this error:

[12:50:25] start: Requested by Console
[12:50:25] Resource 'prova' changed, reloading and starting
[12:50:25] Starting prova
[12:50:25] WARNING: [mie]/prova/mysql.lua:4: Bad usage @ 'dbConnect' [Can't connect to local MySQL s
erver through socket '' (111)]
[12:50:25] start: Resource 'prova' started

As it appears, the problem is in the mysql.lua file, executed serverside, this is the code:

db = nil

function conn()
db = dbConnect('mysql', 'dbname=mtasa;host=localhost;port=3306;', 'mtasa', '', "share=1")

function disc()

function segnalo(msg, tipo)
dbExec(db, 'INSERT INTO provatab(testo, soldi, spotf) VALUES(?, ?, ?)', 'Msg-'..tostring(tipo)..': '..msg, 2500, 1)

function giraarma(prima, mo)
dbExec(db, 'INSERT INTO provatab(testo, soldi, spotf) VALUES(?, ?, ?)', 'Arma da '..tostring(prima)..' a '..tostring(mo)..' - Chi: '..getPlayerName(source), 2500, 1)

addEventHandler('onResourceStart', getResourceRootElement(), conn)
addEventHandler('onResourceStop', getResourceRootElement(), disc)
addEventHandler("onPlayerChat", getRootElement(), segnalo)
addEventHandler("onPedWeaponSwitch", getRootElement(), giraarma)

I thought it could be a mysql problem, but when I try to access to my database via phpmyadmin on localhost server, I can access without problems.


What can it be?


Please help!

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You are missing the unix socket boy. If you don't know where it is, just connect to the mySQL by using your host public IP.

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Actually, I'm developing/testing my MTA server in LAN, then without public IP, and then I don't want to grant mysql connections outside localhost, due to security problems.

How can I fix this issue (unix socket) using localhost address?



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I solved the problem changing the old dbConnect() code with this:

db = dbConnect('mysql', 'dbname=mtasa;host=localhost;port=3306;unix_socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock;charset=utf8;', 'mtasa', '', "share=1;autoreconnect=1;")


Now if you want, you can trash this topic.


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