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Found 5 results

  1. corrigindo o mta funciona corretamente mais nao atualiza os scripts ao reiniciar eles no painel de adm ele carrega o script antigo sem as alterações é como se eu não alterasse nada nele mesmo se eu deletar todo o código e reiniciar ele funciona normalmente que porra maldita é essa?
  2. Hey, MTA forum. I just started playing MTA:SA again on my new PC. When I joined a race, one map loaded where i could see nothing but purple fog. I assumed it was just part of the map or perhaps that one was bugged. No other maps had that problem. Later, I joined a freeroam server. There were no issues. I left that one for the default MTA:SA server. It was fine for a few minutes, and then suddenly, everything is covered in dark green fog. What the hell? I don't see anyone complaining, so I assume it's only on my end. Anyone ever have this problem? If so, know how to fix it? Ty! <3
  3. Hello guys... I have big problem with my em... Mr. Error.... A weird error occurs when checking for player level (comparing player's wanted level with number. But huh. tonumber(wl) doesn't work either, where wl stands for player's level...) Basically, im going to paste full police code for all servers, so you can use it on your server (after fixing it, of course) criminals = createTeam ("Criminals", 255, 0, 0 ) citizens = createTeam ("Citizens", 0, 0, 255 ) -- Instruções para eles não atacarem-se entre si (ou não) setTeamFriendlyFire (getTeamFromName("Citizens"), false ) setTeamFriendlyFire (getTeamFromName("Criminals"), false ) -- função que cria o policial patrulhando a cada 4min setTimer(function() if getPlayerCount() > 0 then for i, players in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getPlayerWantedLevel(players) == 6 then x, y, z = getElementPosition(players) dim = getElementDimension(players) addx = math.random(-15,15) addy = math.random(-15,15) spawnCops(x+addx,y+addy,z,players) end end end end,30000,0) function spawnCops(x,y,z,thePlayer) local dim = 0 call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "spawnBot") cop1 = exports.slothbot:spawnBot (x, y, z, 90, 265, 0, dim, getTeamFromName("Citizens"), 22) call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "setBotChase") cp1 = exports.slothbot:setBotChase (cop1, thePlayer) end setTimer(function() if getPlayerCount() > 0 then -- checa se tem alguém jogando local players = getElementsByType ( "player" ) -- get a table of all the players in the server for theKey,thePlayer in ipairs(players) do local wlevel = getPlayerWantedLevel(thePlayer) wlevel = wlevel - 1 setPlayerWantedLevel(thePlayer, tonumber(wlevel)) end end end, 60000,0) setTimer(function() local peds = getElementsByType ( "ped" ) -- get a table of all the players in the server for theKey,thePed in ipairs(peds) do call(getResourceFromName("slothbot"), "isPedBot") is = exports.slothbot:isPedBot(thePed) if is then killPed(thePed) end end end, 150000, 0) also i have no idea why the code is shaped so weirdly in here... ERROR: [string "?"]:15: attempt to call global 'type' (a number value) - WTF? What does that mean? To which line it applies? Why it appears? WTF???!
  4. Whenever any Egyptian player wants to join my server he keeps timing out unless he uses VPN, any solutions?