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Found 6 results

  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة استضافة تابليتوا هوست للخودام وسيرفرات الالعاب والتيم سبيك .جميع الخوادم و السيرفرات يوجد بها حماية ضد هجمات الدوس لحماية سيرفرات الألعاب .جميع الخوادم و السيرفرات في فرنسا .جاهزه و منصبه تلقائيا Open Game Panel يوجد لدينا نظام تشغيل للخوادم يحتوي على لوحة .يتحمل العميل إدارة الخادم الخاص به بنفسه. تابليتوا هوست تضمن وصولك إلى لوحة تحكم الخادم جميع الخدمات و الأسعار متوفره على موقعنا http://tapleto-host.net الموقع باللغة الأنجليزي http://tapleto-host.net/ar/ الموقع باللغة العربية طرق الدفع المتوفرة Payment methods: طرق الدفع للخوادم و سيرفرات الالعاب 1 - PayPal | باي بال 2 - Sawa| كروت شحن سوأ 3 - BH Zain| كروت شحن زين السعودية 4 - EG Vodafone | كروت شحن فودافون المصرية 5 - CashU Account | حساب كاشيو مشحون بالمال 6 - CashU Card | بطاقة كاشيو 7 - OneCard | بطاقة ون كارد طرق التواصل فتح تذكرة دعم بالموقع support@tapleto-host.net مراسلتنا عبر الأميل Skype: tapl_93 Skype: tapleto.host رسالة في المنتدى هنا للشراء عبر البطاقات يجب فتح تذكرة دعم فني في موقعنا بمنطقة العميل *
  2. Hi! My MTA always crashes on one server (American Villages Roleplay), with this error message: (It's partly english) Some people wrote on the server forum, that's because I using 32 bit Windows 7, not 64. But I've got a dual core processor, wich support only the 32 bit. What to do?
  3. Hi all! Hello to the host servers Arabs |Vps Al Arab|linux Vps - Windows VPS - Game Servers - Anti Doos Servers mta Offers MTA-1 Number of Players: 600 Duration: Month Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod paying • 3 Paypal / Monthly • 5 CashU / Monthly __ cashU thing for taking charge MTA-2 Number of Players: 1000 Duration: two months Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod ------------------------- paying Two months • 5 Paypal / 2Monthly • 10 CashU / 2Monthly cashU thing for taking charge MTA-3 Number of Players: Select the number you want Duration: petals months Protection: There Technical support: Available 24 hours Server space: to Amehdod paying Three months • 10 Paypal / 2Monthly • 12 CashU / 2Monthly cashU thing for taking charge Buy your offer ============= two months to twenty Sawa thing for taking Month Free Linux Vps Offers Linux VPS-1 2x2GHz CPU (Intel) ... 110GB HDD Disc space 2GB RAM Guaranteed Memory 1T bandwitch Anti DDoS Game paying • 15 CashU /Monthly • 13 Paypal /Monthly Linux VPS-2 3x3GHz CPU Processor (Intel) 150GB HDD Disc space Unmetered Data transfer 3GB RAM Guaranteed Memory Anti DDoS Game Paying • 20 CashU /Monthly • 15 Paypal /Monthly Lunix VPS-3 OpenVZ VPS Server 4GB RAM Guaranteed Memory 4x3GHz CPU Processor (Intel) 200GB HDD Disc space Unmetered Data transfer • 30 CashU /Monthly • 25 Paypal /Monthly VPS 30 GB RAM $55 10vCores 400gbStorage 30gbRam 1T Bandwitch VPS 60 GB RAM 12 vCores 500GB storage 60GB RAM UNLIMITED Bandwidth For $ 65 + protection from DDoS Attack How to buy Send via email such a message Hello I am the client I want to buy .... Way to buy ... It will be replied through Emile Windows servers http://www.vpsalarab.com/ Customer accounts Our account at PayPal m0622381516@gmail.com Our Skype Elkihel.aassim Our Faecebook Aassim El Or Email aassim794@gmail.com Private Payment Methods servers Arabs CashU - PayPal - Western Union -Stc
  4. Hola tengo un problema al iniciar mta me sale el siguiente mensaje: "This version of MTA requires windows XP SP3 or later, Do You wanto to see some on-line help about this problem?" aqui la imagen : http://imgur.com/a/WOjhz Por que me sale eso? si pueden ayudarme se los agradeceria desde ya muchas gracias
  5. Hi, I have a problem starting mta I get the following message: "This version of MTA Requires Windows XP SP3 or later, Do you want to see some on-line help about this problem?" Here the image: http://imgur.com/a/WOjhz Does anyone know why I get this? From already thank you very much
  6. I've compiled a MTA:Client (custom 1.5.3-10739) on Windows 8.1 and MTA:Server (custom 1.5.3-10739) on Linux (Debian 7.0 x64) After connection i have an error CD16. But if you will compile Server & Client on Windows 8.1 (with both and the same custom versions - other players can join to the server) My steps: 1. Get a nightly build (1.5.3-10739) 2. Compile 3. Replace all files. 4. Strange but mine deathmatch.so is very large (~283 MBs) 5. Connect from Windows to Linux on both the same custom versions. 6. Error CD16. Stable & nightly versions all works good. Everybody can join the server. All ports is opened.