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Found 8 results

  1. TPF is bringing opportunities for those players who don't know scripting but wants to learn. We ( TPF staff ) offers free courses in various languages, as well as designing, for totally free. Languages we can teach you? We can teach you Lua, HTML, CSS ,PHP and MYSQL What can we teach you in designing ? Creating logos, creating banners ,posters , web design and MORE !!!(Using Photoshop cs6) Our contact: Contact DiGiTal#2028 or join our discord server : https://discord.gg/BxkW65z For more information and tutorials visit our website : https://tutoplayfun.ml/
  2. I created a youtube player, and i want to remove the event handler, when the music ends, but i dont know how to get the song length from web browser... anyone can help?
  3. What's up everyone, I know everyone has their own opinion in what browser(s) they like to use so I wanted to know what's your favourite browser. Mine's Brave which uses Chromium as it's base interface.
  4. Creación de PCU/UCP Los mismos se realizan a medida con o sin foro, generalmente los UCP se utilizan para los RolePlay dado que los conectamos a la base de datos del mismo haciendolos interactivos, convirtiendolos en UCP, pero también se pueden crear para RPG y demás modos de servidores. Todo en PHP y JavaScript. Demostración gratuita y vista del código por Teamviewer. Presupuesto sin cargo ningúno. Diseño original y responsive. Con o sin foro (estamos creando un foro propio desde 0, también se puede conectar a un SMF, MyBB, etc). Paneles administrativos para lideres de facciones para gestionar las mismas y también "curriculm" (para RP). Paneles administrativos para Staff con funciones por rango tanto para UCP como para el foro o ambos incluidos. PRECIOS ACCESIBLES Y RAZONABLES, NO DUDE EN CONSULTAR Algunas Capturas al azar de algunos sitios construidos: PRECIOS ACCESIBLES Y RAZONABLES, NO DUDE EN CONSULTAR
  5. Hello,let me introduce my self.My name is Damazigh, I'm 17 years old. My hobbies is to play foot ball and scripting. I'm a designer(logos,banners,posters,web design) experienced 4years. I'm WEB DEVELOPER that means i can create STATIC (without using the server side) and DYNAMIC(using the server for data base ...etc). I'm MTA:SA SCRIPTER which i have a good level . Contact me By: -Discord: DiGiTal#2028 -PM ME
  6. Dear users, today I thought of something I don't know if someone has already thought it before me. I want to create/develop a MTASA web client, and then playable in a web browser. Obviously the webmaster has to pass some parameters to the client (such as which server to connect, client name, etc...) Is there anyone who want to help me? Thanks
  7. Hi, i`m developing a TAG system with web integration and i need a little help. Have some function in MTA where i can load all mods inside a folder without specifying all names inside mtaserver.conf ?
  8. Hello everyone this is my first post please take it easy on me. here goes nothing. I followed xxmadexx's tutorial https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/74834-introduction-to-the-php-sdk/ It works and my site show the users. but I was wondering how do I go about exporting more information such as score and other information stored on the server. This is my server.lua file function getAllPlayersForWebsite ( ) local players = {} for k, player in ipairs( getElementsByType ("player") ) do local name = getPlayerName( player ) table.insert( players, name ) end return players end my meta xml <meta> <info author="xXMADEXx" type="script" version="1.0" name="MTA PHP" /> <!-- Include our awesome script --> <script src="server.lua" /> <!-- Export our function -- Make sure to allow HTTP to access it --> <export function="doPrint" type="server" http="true" /> <export function="getAllPlayersForWebsite" type="server" http="true" /> </meta> and the php file <?php include "sdk/mta_sdk.php"; # Include the MTA PHP SDK - Give us the classes and methods that we'll need $MY_SERVER = [ "host" => "", #The host/IP of your MTA server "http_port" => 22005, #The HTTP port for your MTA server (Default 22005) "http_user" => "user", #The username that we created in the previous step "http_pass" => "password" #The password for the username that we created ]; #Create a new mta object $SERVER = new mta ( $MY_SERVER['host'], $MY_SERVER['http_port'], $MY_SERVER['http_user'], $MY_SERVER['http_pass'] ); try { $RESOURCE = $SERVER->getResource ( "mta_php" ); # We need to get our resource Object $RESULT[] = $RESOURCE->call ( "getAllPlayersForWebsite" ); foreach ( $RESULT [ 0 ] [ 0 ] as $index=>$playerName ) { print_r ( $playerName ); echo "<br /><br />"; } #Catch any errors that occurred } catch ( Exception $e ){ #Output error message echo "<strong>Oops, Something went wrong!</strong><br />Error: {$e->getMessage()}<br /><br />e printout:<br />"; #Print the error table print_r ( $e ); } ?> Where should I start?
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