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Found 16 results

  1. Help! How to disable weapon muzzle (fire) from replaced weapons? I even replaced the textures of the new weapon models in the txd workshop, but this did not help. I will be grateful
  2. AncienT

    [HELP]Custom weapons

    I want create custom weapons, anyone teach me to create custom weapons please
  3. Hello! i triyin create a new script but u have some problems... the purpose of the script is get maximun stats of all weapons a every players in the spawn. I look the wiki but dont it doesnt help... Thanks
  4. Hello.... i need help. i starting scripting and i need support whit this script. function giveWeaponsOnPlayerSpawn (TheSpawnpoint, theTeam) giveWeapon (source, 26, 20) -- sawed-off and 20 ammo end addEventHandler ("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement (), giveWeaponsOnSpawn) META: <meta> <script src="script.lua" type="server"/> <meta> ¿wich is the problem here? thanks
  5. Vazern

    [HELP] Invisible Texture

    Hello community! I'm developing a "different textures in the same gun" project, but I need to replace the original model with a transparent DFF and TXD, but I do not have it. Could any of you pass me the transparent DFF and TXD so I can replace it with the weapons model?
  6. verebes122

    [HELP] Custrom weapon

    Hi guys! How can i create skins for a weapon? For example a default M4 and a Gold M4.
  7. Selam. MTA sunucuları basite indirgenmiş "Araç,Karakter,Silah,Blip (Haritada Simge),Kodlu Kapı,3D Ses" oluşturucu programımı bitirip sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Klasörleri programın çalıştığı dizine oluşturur. Araç ve Silah ID'leri isimleri ile beraber sizin için hazır olarak ComboBox'a eklenmiştir. Programa dair görüntüler; VirusTotal: Link: Programın sorunlarını ve eksik bulduğunuz kısımları bildirirseniz mutlu olurum.
  8. I want to force the player to run and aim at the same time with machine guns. (M4, AK47)
  9. orel56000

    remove weapon when 0 bullets

    When a weapon has 0 bullets its disappeard, how to make the weapon stay in my hands even if I got no ammo?
  10. El Colorado

    Need help,

    Hello , I have quick question. How to add more weapon properties ?? Because when I try to add flag 0x000010 it doesn't work. So how ? addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, -- resourceRoot == the resource that just started (this resource) function () setWeaponProperty("ak-47", "poor", "flags", 0x000020) end)
  11. Turbo777

    Why not working buyWeapon?

    function buyWeapon(thePlayer, command) local mycoins = exports.coinsystem:getPlayerCoin(thePlayer) if (mycoins >= 1) then giveWeapon(thePlayer, 31, 2000) exports.coinsystem:takePlayerCoin(thePlayer, prize) outputChatBox("you bought a M4.", thePlayer, 0, 255, 0, false) else outputChatBox("you don't have enough coins!", thePlayer, 255, 0, 0, false) end end addCommandHandler("buyw", buyWeapon) i got this error: xy.lua:17: attempt to compare number with nil
  12. function fvalt( prevSlot, newSlot ) if getElementData (target, "greenzone") then setPedWeaponSlot(source,0) end end addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerWeaponSwitch", localPlayer, fvalt ) i added this to a greenzones script, but this doesn't working, why?
  13. i downloaded a freeroam, in wich it was missing giveweapon button, and panel, i added from the default freeroam script, but doesn't working, does not give weapons how to fix this? /sorry for my bad English:c/
  14. Xwad

    sync bug (setElementData)

    Hi! This script makes possible to play a 3d sound (looped sound) by pressing the CTRL button, and stop the sound when the CTRL button is "up". Well, it has a really annoying sync bug. As you can see, there is a setElementData function in my client side script, that stores the sound element. When the player stops pressing the CTRL button then the script stops the sound with the stored element. Well the problem is that when another player press the CTRL button then the setElementData will be overwritted, and will cause really strange, annoying bugs. So the bug is: when player1 press CTRL, and after that player2 also press CTRL then the sound for player1 will not stop anymore, because player2 owerwrited the setElementData, when he pressed CTRL. Well, its not easy to explain, so i hope you understood me. Is the any way to avoid this owerwriting? or do i have to do this another way, without setElementData? Thanks in advance. client --start sound function start_fire_sound() if isPedInVehicle (localPlayer) then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if getElementModel(veh) == 476 then triggerServerEvent ( "start_fire_sound", resourceRoot, veh ) end end end bindKey("lctrl", "down", start_fire_sound) function start_fire_c(veh) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (veh) local sound_fire = playSound3D("files/fire.wav",x,y,z, true) setSoundMaxDistance( sound_fire, 500 ) setSoundVolume(sound_fire, 1) attachElements ( sound_fire, veh, 0,0,0 ) setElementData(localPlayer, "sound_fire", sound_fire) end addEvent( "start_fire_sound", true ) addEventHandler( "start_fire_sound", localPlayer, start_fire_c ) --stop sound function stop_fire_sound() if isPedInVehicle (localPlayer) then local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) if getElementModel(veh) == 476 then triggerServerEvent ( "stop_fire_sound", resourceRoot, veh ) end end end bindKey("lctrl", "up", stop_fire_sound) function stop_fire_sound_c(veh) local x,y,z = getElementPosition (veh) local sound_fire_lastshot = playSound3D("files/fire_lastshot.wav",x,y,z, false) setSoundMaxDistance( sound_fire_lastshot, 500 ) setSoundVolume(sound_fire_lastshot, 1) attachElements ( sound_fire_lastshot, veh, 0,0,0 ) local sound_fire = getElementData(localPlayer, "sound_fire") stopSound(sound_fire) end addEvent( "stop_fire_sound", true ) addEventHandler( "stop_fire_sound", localPlayer, stop_fire_sound_c ) server function start_fire_sound(veh) triggerClientEvent ("start_fire_sound", getRootElement(), veh) end addEvent( "start_fire_sound", true ) addEventHandler( "start_fire_sound", getRootElement(), start_fire_sound ) function stop_fire_sound(veh) triggerClientEvent ("stop_fire_sound", getRootElement(), veh) end addEvent( "stop_fire_sound", true ) addEventHandler( "stop_fire_sound", getRootElement(), stop_fire_sound )
  15. Sergioks

    ¿Apuntar sin arma?

    Buenas, quisiera saber si es posible apuntar (que aparezca la mira y todo) sin necesidad de tener un arma en la mano. Quiero hacer un sistema de armas (explicado en otro post) con createWeapon y attachElement. Por el momento coloca el arma en la mano, pero quiero saber como hacer para que el personaje apunte, sin necesidad de tener un arma "oficial" en la mano... ¿Existe alguna manera? - Gracias de antemano. + Añadiendo a eso, quisiera también saber como hacer que el personaje tena una animación (la de tener el arma, en el caso de ser pesada) y poder caminar. Eso nunca me aclararon como hacerlo
  16. DeValdi

    Cop Colt45 animation

    Hello guys! You may know that the cop peds in GTA SA singleplayer hold the pistol (Colt45) in a different way than gang members and the player himself. So I searched a little bit and found this: However, I don't know how soon this will be implemented. My question is, is there any way right now of making the player hold ONE 9mm pistol with TWO hands, like a singleplayer cop? I already tried some things (setWeaponProperty() and setPedAnimation()) but None of these really worked (setWeaponProperty() makes the player shoot the pistol in the air and setPedAnimation() makes the cop colt Animation, but AFTER the shot). Could anyone help me? I'm pretty down because I need just THIS Feature for a RPG script and I don't think that the suggestion I posted above will be implemented in near future... Regards DeValdi