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Found 9 results

  1. opa tudo bom , estou tendo um problema que não estou compreendendo no voice , exemplo quando eu dou restart no mod ele funciona nos proximos 2 seg e dps fica mudo , porem quando eu mudei a qualidade da voz de 5 para 4 ele voltou a funcionar normalmente por um tempo e dps continuou com o erro
  2. in search of mta servers with voicechat
  3. I enabled in config file the voice chat, and started the script, but some players does not hear the voice chat. How to fix this?
  4. Ativei o voice, mas o volume está extremamente baixo se comparado com outros servidores, olhei no script do voice, mas não faço ideia de como aumentar o volume. ATENÇÃO o problema não é eu ir nas configurações do MTA e aumentar o som, todos que entraram no meu servidor reclamaram que o voice está muito baixo, e como eu disse, quando eu entro em outros servidores está extremamente alto, comparado com o do meu servidor. Se alguém sabe alguma forma para que eu possa aumentar o volume do voice, por favor me ajude. 😄
  5. I activated the voice on my server, but the volume is extremely low compared to other servers, I looked at the voice script, but I do not know how to increase the volume. WARNING the problem is not going in the MTA settings and increasing the volume, everyone who entered my server complained that the voice is too low, and like I said, when I enter other servers it is extremely high compared to my server . If anyone knows how I can increase the volume of the voice, please help me.😄
  6. can u guys add voice chat .. i like it so we dont want tea,speak
  7. Como faço para arrumar o nick do voice ( tirar o id das cores e deixar normal "bonito" )
  8. Intro Gamemode based on Battlefied 3/4. Fully rewrited if you ever played before. About the server Teams: - USA - RUS Classes: - Assault - Support - Engineer - Recon Modes: 2 different modes. CP - Capture Point Assault - Destroy the transmitters and move on. Progress: Open new weapons and upgrades for vehicles. Lobbies: - Large - Medium - Small. Features - Lobbies - Progress - Customization (Skins only) - New UI - 3D HUD - Squad - Voice (/w squad or not) - Settings (Audio, Video, HUD and etc) - Shaders, HD Textures - Weapon fire mode - New weapons - Upgrades for vehicles (In progress) - First person mode for vehicles - Multi-language (English, Russian) you can send your translates. - Improved performance Media Join us: IP: mtasa:// Website: Discord: Discord
  9. Die Sprache ist Deutsch: Hallo, ich habe ein Problem, ich habe Sprachchat aktiviert ist ja auch alles schön und gut, aber ich möchte das die mich auch nur in der Umgebung hören können wie würde das script dann aussehen und wo soll ich das hinein tun ?! Bendanke mich schonmal ^^ Mit freundlichen grüßen NRKiller55